With Acarya, Maths final exam is in the bag!

With its artificial intelligence core module, Acarya targets your math gaps to help you improve during revision time for maths final exam. A dashboard helps you quickly visualize your steps related to your goals, and your progress! The watchword: efficiency!

50 apprentices in catering trained by SKILLOGS & ACARYA

From October 2, 50 apprentices will join the "VET Center SKILLOGS" for an innovative vocational training in culinary art. Part-time in restaurant, part-time in catering school, part-time on a digital device, these apprentices of the future will be the great chefs and managers of tomorrow.

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Several Trainings

From school to vocational training, through work-based learning, Acarya validates the skills, proposes exercises, methods and learning formats that will lead every learner to the best possible progression thanks to a dedicated analysis and personalized data and curriculum.

The latest technologies at your service

Speech Recognition, Text-To-Speech, Conversational Agents, Knowledge Browser, and the latest features in Artificial Intelligence, Acarya is the missing link between student, parents and teacher, home and school.

A personalized help

Our module brings together the vast amounts of data collected during individual learning, including social contexts, learning and personal interests, to propose the best progression possible , detect potential misunderstandings and prevent early dropouts.

The team

Raphael Moraglia
Sébastien Duplessy
Maïtéa moraglia
Ryan Baker
Chris Dupin
Benjamin Touchard
Benjamin Le Bris
Cyril Becker

Our awards

European Funds Imaile

In 2016, Skillogs was associated to a Consortium with Adminotech and Finpeda to develop a Personalized Learning Environment for elementary and lower-secondary school students in STEM subjects. Budget: 400,000 euros.

Wharton University

Skillogs, in collaboration with the VET Centre ORT France was awarded a Silver Award "ICT Tools for Learning and Teaching" in December 2016 in Pennsylvania. Acarya was awarded for its easy to use interface, for both teachers and students.

IBM Partnerworld

Skillogs has been an IBM global partner since May 2017, and will be associated to the IBM's Scale Zone in 2018 to accelerate its technical development and develop Skillogs (Tests on 2,500,000 learners).

Prize "Jeune Entrepreneur"

France is buzzing with young talents who, throughout the country, are leading an exceptional entrepreneurial dynamism. These are these talents that "La Tribune" paper has been promoting since 2013 with The Young Entrepreneur Award, 1000 startups to change the world. A competition that, from region to region, reveals the most innovative young start-ups.

Our last events

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  • 6 décembre 2016

Acarya récompensé à REIMAGINE EDUCATION

Les vainqueurs de la troisième cérémonie annuelle de REIMAGINE EDUCATION ont été annoncés Mardi 6 décembre...

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  • 20/24 mars 2017

Skillogs à la Mobile Learning Week de l’UNESCO

Organisée conjointement par l’UNESCO et l’UNHCR, la Semaine de l’apprentissage mobile 2017 aura lieu du 20 au 24 mars à Paris sur le thème « L’éducation en situation d’urgence et de crise »...

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  • 21 mars 2017

Acarya, acteur français de l’Intelligence Artificielle

Skillogs participera à "FranceIA", la stratégie française en intelligence artificielle à la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie le 21 mars prochain...

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